What will KnotOut™ do for you?

Knotout mobility tool

Increased Blood Flow

SMR (Self Myofascial Release) using a KnotOut™ tool stretches and loosens muscles. By applying force for an extended period of time to your muscles and connective tissue, blood is flushed out and replenished with fresh blood.  Your blood carries vital nutrients like oxygen and glycogen to overused muscles. leading to various related and beneficial results.

Improved Movements

Hydrated and relaxed muscles work with less friction. So, during a workout, movements are smoother, and muscles are less prone to injury.  Whether you’re training for a triathlon or going for a 2-mile walk, using a KnotOut™ before a workout as part of a dynamic warm-up is effective and essential for optimal performance.

Better Range of Motion

SMR with the KnotOut™ will improve range of motion of properly stretched and lubricated muscles.  An increased range of motion will result in more muscles that can be recruited during a workout, resulting in a more effective workout. 

Decreased Injury Risk

Better circulation means a better range of motion and more effective body movements. Overall, SMR from using the KnotOut™ reduces the risk of injury because coordination of the body is improved.  Conversely, if an injury does occur, SMR techniques using a KnotOut™ can be used to decrease recovery time.

Decreased Recovery Time

Using a KnotOut™ is an effective way to draw blood to an injured area, but it’s also effective in decreasing recovery time between workouts.  After a workout, muscles and joints become sore due to the build-up of lactic acid. When a KnotOut™ is used for a post-workout SMR, the KnotOut™ will help the body wash the acid away by recruiting fresh blood and nutrients to the fatigued muscle groups.  The quicker the fatigued muscles can receive the nutrients, the faster they can rebuild and recover.

Faster Results

All the positives of using a KnotOut™ lead to a decreased recovery time, better range of motion and a lower chance of injury.  Staying healthy means being able to do things in life you want to do pain free.  SMR using a KnotOut™ is a simple solution to a complex problem.

We know why you’re here. You’re in Pain or in Discomfort.


What is Self-Myofascial Release (SMR)

First, let’s define self-myofascial release (SMR), in case you’re not familiar with the term. SMR is the application of low-intensity forces to soft tissues over a long period of time.  Essentially, the purpose is to allow contracted muscles to relax, which improves blood flow and nutrient flow to the area. The effect is that muscles operate with smoother motion because of reduced internal rubbing.


Why KnotOut™ is different?

KnotOut™ recognizes that people’s bodies are not the same.  Not only do our rollers have unique shapes, they come in different densities, allowing you to find just the right one for you.  KnotOut™ rollers allow you to have a body that not only feels better but moves better too!


Dean Pohlman, Man Flow Yoga

Dave Cieslowski-Physical Therapist, Focus Physical Therapy  "As a physical therapist, the patients ablity to perform soft tissue mobilzation on themselves at home is an important part of almost every treatment plan.  KnotOut is one of the best products for patients because of it's effectiveness and portability.  I highly recommend it!"       

Dean Pohlman-Yoga Teacher, Man Flow Yoga  "KnotOut saved my shoulder from surgery. After wrecking my shoulder with bad lifting techniques, I realized it all stemmed from a lack of mobility.  Using the KnotOut I was able to completely transform my shoulder mobility.  I even made an entire fitness program based off the KnotOut because of my success with it.  This is the fastest way to increase your mobility.  This isn't just something you want, it's something you NEED!        

Dr. Jim Thornburg-Chiropractor, Bend Chiropractic

"As a Sports Medicine Doctor I see a lot of different devices claiming to do a lot of different things.  I consistently recommend the KnotOut device to my patients for a few different reasons.  It's a versatile, solid design and it actually does a good job.  Try it and see for yourself."

Christian Graham-Trainer & Wellness Coach, Los Angeles, CA

As a trainer and wellness coach that has worked in health, fitness and supplements for 18 years, this is the best mobility device I have ever used.  I have used a variety of different sizes with my clients to help improve mobility, increase range of motion and aid in recovery. 

KnotOut= Innovation.  Quality.  Practical Application.  I love them!

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