Frequently Asked Questions

Where are they made and what are they made out of

Our rollers are proudly hand assembled in the USA!  The firm balls are made of natural rubber and the soft, natural sponge rubber.  The sleeve is made out of polyolefin.  Tiny holes may be visible on your product.  This is to allow for air to release when they are being manufactur

What kind of warranty is there?

We guarantee our products for one year.  Excludes damage done by dogs!  

I am having problems shipping to my country, what's wrong?

In order to get you the best price for shipping internationally, it is usually best to contact us directly at

How can I best take care of my KnotOut?

Your roller can be best cleaned with with a damp cloth.  You really can use anything to clean it, just note that anything containing alcohol will eventually cause the writing to fade.

Why are some rollers black on the inside and some yellow?

The rollers that are yellow on the inside are softer, like a tennis ball, and the rollers that are black on the inside are firmer, like a lacrosse ball.  

The sleeve on my KnotOut is becoming loose, what can I do?

You may notice that after some good use, the sleeving (especially on the soft rollers) may become a bit loose.  If you want, you can take a heat gun or hot hair dryer to your roller and that should shrink it back up again.  Also, you can put your roller in the oven on a cookie sheet at 300 degrees F for 2 minutes, take it out (use pot holders) and roll it back and forth.  That should do the trick!